Why Invest in your Business Image?

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Why Invest in your Business Image?


Why and When do you need to improve your Business Image?


Surveys show that no one expects you to be handsome or beautiful.  What people do expect is for you to appear attractive and appropriate. When dressed attractively and appropriately, we tend to feel more confident, at ease, and act appropriately.

Situations where your Image matters:

Time and attention to the message you create with your clothing and appearance are important in three general situations:

• Whenever the other person does not know you.
• Whenever the other person’s opinion or reaction to you is important to the achievement of your goals—any time you want or need to influence the opinion or action of another person.
• When your mood or confidence level needs a lift to boost self-confidence.

A few such occasions include the first day of class, a blind date, a job interview, an appearance in court, or the day you have to present a report, make a sale, or participate on a committee. Occasions that demand a more authoritative appearance include job interviews and performance appraisals, first meeting with client, meeting with supervisor, meeting with board members, presentations, public/press/TV interviews, court appearances, and bank transactions.

Clothing and image management is one of the fastest and most effective ways to build self-esteem, to boost self-confidence, to reflect ability, and to increase credibility.


Dress with Intention:

Rather than dressing by habit,  impulse, imitation, pressure, or trial and error, dress as a result of thoughtful decisions and choices. Think in terms of dressing appropriately for:
• The occasion, situation, or activity, and in relation to purpose and goals.
• The person, the people, or the group you will be, or wish to be, involved with—their mood, values, attitudes, and interests.
• You as an individual—for your physical body, your personality, mood, values, attitudes, and interests.


So, Remember…

Effective image management aids you in achieving your personal and professional goals… increase the investment value of time and money spent on maintaining your appearance.


Tip: The effect of your #clothing and #appearance is something you can analyze or evaluate and generally control or manage, in much the same way you manage your other resources—time , money, meals, and so forth.

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