Simple Tip To Boost Your Career

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Simple Tip To Boost Your Career

Simple Tip To Boost Your Career:


“Make yourself visible and interesting for a potential employer…”

Employers and recruiters expect established professionals to have an online and social media presence. It is difficult to argue that you have a proven track record in your industry if no reference to yourself is found anywhere. Make sure you maintain a strong profile and social media presence.


LinkedIn is my preferred tool to do that.

LinkedIn is often a first port of call for employers in their search for new talent and for individuals it is a great place to grow your network, find and interact with like-minded people and market yourself to a potential employer. Sites such as LinkedIn allow you to collect data on how your network is growing, how many of your skills have been endorsed and how many people have looked at your profile, among other things. Used well, it can provide valuable insight about how attractive you are for potential employers.

Here are some key tips to increase your attractiveness on LinkedIn:

Ensure your profile is professional and up-to-date: First, clean up any thing that is not relevant, out of date or un-professional. Then make sure your profile includes an appropriate picture and your most relevant skills are listed and endorsed: Don’t put all your skills on the list. Pick the ones you believe employers are looking for. Then ask your network to endorse those skills. Employers and recruiters are constantly trawling profiles for the right skills mix.

Grow your network: Send personalized invitations to key people in your industry asking to connect. Even if you haven’t yet met them personally, I find that if you make it personal and explain why you would like to connect, you often get a positive response.

Seek recommendations:  These are great ways to show potential employers that you are doing a good job.

Engage with the community (and potential employers) : Join relevant LinkedIn groups and participate in conversations. This will show that you are actively involved in your industry and will help to boost your score on Klout, which measures influence by analysing your social media activities. Recruiters are increasingly looking at social media engagement and influence when recruiting new people.

Another great tool is blogging. You don’t have to be a trained writer or global guru to start making an impact in your industry. Many well-known bloggers are ordinary people that just started to share their thoughts and ideas. Even if you only do it two or three times a month, it gives you material to share with your network and increases your visibility significantly.


Courtsey: LinkedIn
Adapted from an  article written by Bernard Marr,  Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Consultant in Strategy, Performance Management, Analytics, KPIs and Big Data

Renuka Tandon- Image ConsultantACE voice: Personal Branding a strong tool to be visible and show value to your potential employers.  It is difficult to argue that you have a proven track record in your industry if no reference to yourself is found anywhere.

Renuka Tandon is Director and Chief Consultant at ACE Impression. She provides customized image management and personal branding consulting to corporate executives and business owners targeted towards  professional growth and business success . Click here to contact Renuka.  


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