ACE-Attire Etiquette

Attire Etiquette


You are what you wear – communicate what you want to be seen as. 80% of any communication is visual, so work on your visual communication to create the message needed for the role you are aiming at. Many have discounted the powers of visual cues and have suffered.


.ONE month email support  'Attire Etiquette ' queries.
.Need Analysis based on your role, industry and goals.
.Hand-out,Articles and Tips on Dining Etiquette.

.30 mins of Skype/ Telephonic coaching  included !!

ADD-ON (optional):
.Additional Skype Coaching ( to be purchased separately)
.Option to attend a scheduled Atire Etiquette Workshop in your city, at 50% discount.
.Extend the Email Support Subscription on a monthly basis.

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