Premium Product

Premium Product

Brand-on Wardrobe Management & Clothing Needs:

• Complete Brand-on Wardrobe :
Build a wardrobe that is 100%  wearable wardrobe. Being brand-on is about a wardrobe which is “YOU”:
Appropriate- to your professional and personal Roles and Goals you want to achieve.
Authentic – to your Personal Style, so you wear your attire with confidence and comfort.
Attractive  - fits, colors and patterns suited to your physical structure and personal coloring. AND
Affordable – within your budget, to get the maximum value for the money you spend.
Create a versatile and coordinated looks for any occasion, situation or mood.  You feel confident in what you wear when you bring convergence between your professional and personal values, preferences and style. Shopping when you need rather when you want, builds a wardrobe that is affordable in the long run. It is about management of your resources to look the best you can be.
• Includes:
– Appropriate Appearance (Dressing with Intention)
– Authentic Appearance (Dressing Inside-Out)
– Attractive Appearance (Dressing to Flatter)
– Personal Color Analysis (Dress for Impact)
– Accessorize (Add your Personal Touch)
– Grooming and Make-up (Enhance your look)
– 3 hours of Skype / Online Consulting

Leading to “Affordable Appearance”:

– Closet management tips
– Building Clusters & Outfits
– Building Shopping Lists
– Smart Shopping / e-Shopping

Add-on options:

(at extra per-hour consulting cost and subject to location),
• Personal Wardrobe Evaluation.
• Personal Shopping Trip.
• Personal face-to-face Consulting.
• Quarterly/ Season based Wardrobe Updates.

Price 27,500 (E-Reports)

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