Image Management (Online)

Image Management (Online)
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Build positive perceptions! Attract Opportunities!

Appearance is your statement; without speaking, you’re telling the world what you think of yourself and how others should perceive you. Take a strategic, proactive approach to Appearance and add your voice about what you want to be seen as, who you are and what you can accomplish. Develop a brand-on personal image to represent you and your company’s goals, in the real marketplace. Don’t let Appearance hold you back anymore.

 ”When you appear Attractively dressed and groomed, personally Authentic, and Appropriate for the occasion, you feel more comfortable, confident, capable, cooperative and productive. You act more secure, at ease, mannerly, competent, and naturally able to do your best.”

• What is Online Image Consulting?

Image Management is defined as the SCIENCE behind the ART of harmoniously integrating the elements of Appearance, Behavior and Communication. As a Certified Image Consultant with past experience in technology and career business, I am in a unique space, pioneering to integrate this science, art and technology to bring you ONLINE Image Management so more people benefit from it. This does take a conscious and evaluative process cycle.

• about translating Image Consulting, to a standardized Evaluate, Recommend and Manage (ERM) online process.
• a step by step road map to building an Appropriate, Authentic and Attractive Image solution, for a positive impact in business and professional situations.
• a Client Need Analysis (CNA) based customized, scalable and self-paced web-based strategic image management solution; to help increase employability and reduce corporate costs,
• Online Skype/ Chat / etc.. Option for more personalized need analysis, assessment, recommendation or learning requirement.

For more about ‘What is Image Management’ and ‘About us” … Do visit our other site pages.

• Who benefits from it?

Understand the power of image to create positive impressions and influence perceptions. Build confidence and credibility  to encourage interactions. It has been researched that our  appearance effects the way we think, feel and act… which in turn influences the way others react or respond to us. Do not underestimate the  relevance of personal image in today’s fast moving business and social environment.

Online Image  Consulting takes away the complexities of accessibility, time and cost of personal face to face consulting sessions. It is for:

  1. Professionals and Business people who do not have access to professional image consultants due to where they stay.
  2. Those who have access, but do not have the time. Online Image management allows you to manage your image from the comfort of your home and at your own time.
  3. Those who have the time and maybe access, but cannot afford the fees of personal consulting.  Being an online process, the rates are a fraction of what any personal consulting session would cost… Even if you came to me!
      But, If you have the money, time and accessibility – do look our PREMIUM PRODUCT! 


• What is the Process?
• Select the modules to purchase for online consulting:
  1.  Modules can be purchased separately in any order of preference, or, all at one go as a package.
  2.  Select the ADD-ON services & products separately or combined with any module.
  3.  Add to shopping cart.


• Once you have completed shopping:
  1. Check-out from the shopping cart.
  2. Make payment.
  3. Fill out the Initial Client Contact Details.
  4. You will be directed to a Client Need Analysis (CNA) form.


• On receipt of payment:
  1. You will receive an Email / Access to Evaluation page.
  2. You will be taken through the evaluation forms and process based on your product purchase.
  3. On completion of the Evaluation process, a Recommendation Report will be emailed to you within 3 working days.
  4. If you purchased ADD-ON products, the recommendation above will incorporate the additional customization required.
  5. All Recommendations include free Articles, Tips, relevant Pictures, Resource Links…


•  If more than one module purchased or when the next module is purchased:

Additional/Updated Recommendation Report will be generated integrating and tweaking the previous solutions.

• How do I pay for it?
Select the product/s you want to buy.
1. Click on add to cart button.
2. Verify whether the product which you want is been added into the cart. You can update the quantity of product and click on update the cart.
3. After successfully adding to the cart, you can proceed to Checkout.
4. Fill in the details and select the mode of payment.
5. Read the terms and conditions and Place the order.
6. Make Payment based on mode of payment selected.
•  Still have questions?
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