Importance of Image and Appearance Management

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Importance of Image and Appearance Management


Importance of Image and Appearance Management

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interviewImage Management is the Art and Science of managing one’s image through Optimal Utilization of Personal Resources (Clothing, Grooming and Body Language) to achieve one’s Personal, Professional and Social goals in various Life roles.

A businessman going to an important interview. A young man wanting to impress his date. The newly promoted boss who is constantly evaluated by his colleagues. A job-seeker who needs to stand out in a crowd of aspirants. The truth is, we all need to project an appropriate and more convincing image. The art and science of presenting yourself  right in your personal, professional and social life is called Image Management.

Image influences public perception of oneself:

Image strongly influences other people’s perception of your trustworthiness and intelligence. A major part of communication is visual and what we see we remember and what we hear we forget. For this reason, positive first impressions are very vital to take any personal and professional relationship forward. Eventually, the word image really means the impact of your Appearance (clothes, grooming, body-language including etiquette)  on others and on yourself.

Brand-on Image:

Image effects perceptions. If your Personal Image does not accurately represent your  Professional Brand, people will not want to do hire you, buy your product or do business with you. Selling your professional brand will be tough if it is not consistent with your Personal Image. Similarly, an organization’s corporate image is reflected in the employees and this impacts how clients, future prospects and business partners perceive your organization.

Image Inside-Out:

Image, consciously or unconsciously, reflects who you are on the inside, your personality, your values, attitudes, interests, abilities and uniqueness. This “image from the inside out”; is to say, about reinforcing your positive inner values and countering the negatives. These factors also assist in sending a message of your Capability,  Trust , Leadership and your other personality traits.

Image Management is a Life skill:

Image management is the science and art of pro-active ongoing evaluation and control of the impact of appearance on self, others and on achievement of goals. With Image Management, one can master the art of expression through physical appearance, body language and  etiquette. This skill of managing one’s image, one step at a time, becomes a way of life, thereby,  increasing  your confidence and self esteem, while  projecting credibility, capability, trustworthiness and productivity…

Finally: Image management encompasses projecting an AUTHENTIC, APPROPRIATE, ATTRACTIVE and AFFORDABLE Image, which is, in sync with your lifestyle, personal style, physical body structure, personal coloring… for the accomplishment of our goals, roles and occasions you attend.

“Spending the time and effort to develop your personal brand and image can mean the difference between delivering the executive presence to get the promotion and creating the perception of success and confidence and …”.__ Diana J


Renuka Tandon- Image Consultant

ACE voice: ”Take a strategic, proactive approach to Appearance and add your voice about what you want to be seen as, who you are and what you can accomplish.”

Renuka Tandon is Director and Chief Consultant at ACE Impression. She provides customized image management and personal branding strategic consulting to corporate executives and business owners for professional growth and business success . Click here to contact Renuka. 


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