Dressing Inside-Out

Dressing Inside-Out

Understanding your personal style is a matter of knowing yourself – becoming more aware of yourself. Most people have certain clothing likes and dislikes – harmony and conflicts in appearance. Understand your preferred style of dress , use your clothing as a medium of self expression and feel secure and stable about your appearance.



  • Evaluate your personality  and values
  • Evaluate  your physical personality
  • Evaluate your clothing design / characteristics  preferences
  • Identify your current  wardrobe and personal style clashes, if any.


  • Understand your style  personality in relation to your body structure, personality and clothes you like best.
  • Recommend  clothing  traits  which  are in harmony with your  style personality.
  • Recommend which  clothing traits to avoid for your style personality.
  • Suggestions on how to look and feel authentic and comfortable in your clothes.
  • Tips on colors, patterns and fabrics for your personal style personality
  • Add-on: Recommendation  and Steps to start building your personal style file.

Note: If you have  opted for  other modules  “ Appropriate Appearance” and/or “Attractive Appearance”…

  • Add-on recommendation report on how to integrate and tweak your appearance  with features from  other modules.
  • A recommendation wardrobe cluster integrating g all the features.