Dressing to Flatter

Dressing to Flatter

Everybody is unique, and virtually every figure has some figure variations. Accept those god-gifted features about your face and figure you cannot change – and make them a part of your individual beauty – then work to change what you can. Recognize figure variations as something to work with and take joy in areas where you are ideal.



  • Evaluate your body type, size and structure
  • Evaluate your face shape and structure
  • Identify the figure variations and features you want to work with.


  • Recommend  clothing styles, fits that will most likely accommodate and flatter the body shape or figure type
  • Recommend Hair suggestions that will most likely  flatter with your face type
  • Recommend Accessories types for your body shape
  • Tips on colors, patterns and fabrics for your body shape.
  • Add-on: recommendation about posture and body weight

Note: If you have  opted for  other modules  “ Appropriate Appearance” and/or “ Authentic Appearance”…

  • Add-on recommendation report on how to integrate and tweak your appearance  with features from  other modules.
  • A recommendation wardrobe cluster integrating g all the features.