Dressing with Intention

Dressing with Intention

Use your image as a resource to dress for appropriate impact in all situations.  Understand your lifestyle, environment and your  audience. Take proactive approach and take action to influence perceptions of your competence.

Clothes have a language. It is not about wearing nice or beautiful clothes but it is about what message you want to communicate.

Lifestyle Evaluations:
  • Evaluate the physical environment you live in
  • Evaluate your workplace, situations and roles
  • Evaluate your goals, where you want to go, what you want to achieve, and how you want to be perceived.
  • Recommend  clothing  traits  which  are in harmony with your  Lifestyle
  • Recommend which  clothing traits for the goals you want to achieve
  • Suggestions on how to look and feel appropriately dressed for occasions in your lifestyle
  • Tips on colors, patterns and fabrics for your Lifestyle roles & goals
Note: If you have  opted for  other modules  “ Authentic  Appearance” and/or “Attractive Appearance”…
  • Add-on recommendation report on how to integrate and tweak your appearance  with features from  other modules.
  • A recommendation wardrobe cluster integrating g all the features.

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